Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Case2 599 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Case2 599 - Coursework Example The first model that this paper analyzes is the Force Field Analysis organizational model. It was developed by Kurt Lewin, in the year 1951. This model analyzes and identifies the restraining factors that hinder an organization from achieving its goals (Beech and Macintosh, 2012). It also identifies the driving factors that make the employees of an organization to successful implement the policies of the institution. For example, better pay structure can be a driving force that encourages employees to work harder within an organization, while lack of a clear organizational policy can be a restraining factor that makes employees not to work harder for the fulfillment of the organizational goals. After identifying these factors, this model then plans the strategies that the organization needs to use. The major weakness of this model is that it relies heavily on the process of change, and it doesn’t identify the manner of changing the strengths and the weaknesses identified (Fall etta, 2013). Another model under consideration is the McKinsey 7S model developed in 1982. The model has seven variables, which are staff, skills, structure, strategy, shared values, style and systems. The developers of this model denote that the seven variables are crucial for managers and owners of business organizations. Skills refers to the ability of an individual to carry out his or her functions, staff refers to the people working within the organization, style is the manner in which the managers of an organization conduct their affairs for purposes of achieving their objectives, while the shared values refers to the guiding principles that members of the organization have in common (Harrison, 1994). The developers of this model refer to strategy as the plans put in place to allocate resources for purposes of achieving the goals of the organization. Systems are the day to day procedures followed by members of the organization. This model denotes that to achieve desired change within a company, it is important to analyze all the seven variables; and improve on them. However, one major weakness of the model is that it does not

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Economics 202 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Economics 202 - Essay Example Further this paper discusses how the feeling of a civil war was felt in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia due to the possibility of revolts in the two countries. This paper tells us that Saudi have so much oil that it could inject it in the economy at anytime to reduce the global oil price. This concept is of basic demand and supply and we can understand here that the price would fall since as more levels of oil would be supplied then demanded, equilibrium would then be reach at a subsequently low price by the interaction of the demand and the supply curve. Further on this article discusses how customers adjust the rising oil prices. Since oil is an essential commodity, its demand therefore is inelastic. Consequently as prices go up, producers of oil raise the price and make more profits and the customers would still buy it since they have no option but to use it, it being a necessity for life. This makes it clear that goods which have an inelastic demand, their prices can easily be raised and the producer make a decent amount of money on